Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Dummy Cover, plus a Wizard

I've been super busy recently, working up to 55 hours a week at a day job (not illustrating), but with what little time I do have free I've been drawing and painting.

I'm almost complete with a book dummy that I'm preparing to send out to publishers. The dummy itself I suppose is done. But I was advised to create a decent looking cover before doing so, which I felt was great advice. So here's a picture of that, without the cover text.

And for those unable to get a hand on my book dummy I'll post another sketch of the interior work here ...

Because I prefer to keep my attentions on at least 2 projects at the same time, usually, I've been working on another painting. This one is of a wizard. Probably inspired by both the anime that I'm watching (Fairy Tail) as well as the book I'm reading (Belgarath).  Both involve either wizardry or sorcery. It's still in progress. Keep checking back to see how it turns out!

Until next time, Keep drawing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paint Sketches

 Here are just a few paint sketches that I've been doing every once in a while.

Some Insectoid creature.

 Some rock type creature.

And some tank machine.

Machines are new to me in painting. I don't draw many of them. Probably something I should practice more often. These aren't as developed as some of the previous photoshop paint sketches. But they're mostly just intended as things to get me painting. To get some ideas flowing, or just a warm up.

Keep drawing!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Story book page sketches.

The main character (the boy) walking to bed.

The main characters walking together 
as they see a house in the distance.

I've bee working slowly on a children's book idea. I think I started the first drawing, where the idea started from, in January of this year. I have since then worked out the story (currently in its editing process by friends), and worked out nearly all the sketches. Soon I'll be ready to set up book dummies and then I'll send them off to see what will come of it. 

That's it for now.
Happy drawing!