Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dragons in a Fantasy Land

 I've been busy with a bunch of things. I'm still making (be it slow) progress on a scenery painting that I have posted a few progress shots on already. On top of that I'm in the process of trying to secure a commission from one of my co-workers. He likes dragons, I like to draw dragons. So I posted the quick sketches before. He picked one that he liked but I wanted to do another, so I'm working on 2 of the dragon drawings. The top one is a completed sketch.

This sketch above is in its work towards a final sketch but isn't finished just yet.

And here (above) we have the landscape painting I've been working on. As you can see its a fantasy landscape. I don't do a lot of landscape paintings so it has been a slow progress for me making sure all the details are accurate. As it is, I still need to tone down the intensity of the green on the front-most mountain, beyond putting in more details. Thats what i've got for now.

Until next time, Keep on drawing!

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